Abhishek Mangla is an Indian bassist, composer and a photographer based in Amsterdam. He went to Delhi university while continuing his passion for music by playing with various bands in the Indie scene. Due to lack of proper infrastructure and the monopolised commercial scene, he soon began to freelance professionally with some of the bigger names in the industry leaving the Indie scene behind for a while. That's where he also met some of his gurus who inspired him to focus more on Jazz as a source of attaining good command over his musical voice.

After moving to Amsterdam soon after that, he has been actively trying to perfect his art not just as a bass player but also as a composer and a photographer. His work can be seen in a project known as 'Little Olifant' where he believes in a systematic containment of various art forms by fusing them with each other in order to shape his artistic idea, and all the disciplines compliment each other equally to give reality to his imagination as a whole.